Executive Search Firm in MilwaukeeEffective hiring involves more than just finding people to fill open positions. It’s about locating and courting job candidates who can offer the right blend of experience, aptitude, and personality. It’s also about knowing what motivates candidates to choose one employer over another.

But that’s merely the beginning.

An important part of finding the right team members is avoiding hiring the wrong ones. A single bad hire can set the stage for a number of problems. He or she may create havoc in the workplace, waste time and money, and even expose the company to litigation.

How can you, as an employer, sidestep these issues? First, realize that résumés and interviews alone are unlikely to expose bad hires. While both are helpful, many jobseekers are adept at concealing deficits in skill, experience, and knowledge. Many are also able to manufacture a personality that appears suitable. It’s only after they’re on the payroll that problems become evident.

Employers make numerous hiring mistakes that increase the odds that they’ll bring someone aboard who is ill-suited for their position. This article will present 5 of them. If you’re making any of the following mistakes, now is the time to make a change in your hiring practices. An even better option is to let executive search firms in Milwaukee find talented people for you.

#1 – Having Blind Faith In A Candidate’s Résumé

Most HR departments realize that résumés are akin to advertisements. Jobseekers use them to promote themselves as ideal candidates. Along the way, they may use creative license when detailing their accomplishments, skill sets, and experience. They may even grossly exaggerate the details. Needless to say, little to no space is given to underscore the individual’s deficits.

A résumé cannot be relied upon to present a full picture of the jobseeker’s suitability as a potential employee for your company. The information, while helpful, may be suspect.

#2 – Choosing To Ignore The Jobseeker’s Past — Let Executive Search Firms In Milwaukee Do The Research

No one is perfect. Every potential hire carries skeletons in his or her past. Most of the time, they’re minor and hardly worthy of concern. But occasionally, you’ll be confronted with a candidate who has a troubled history that might expose your company to problems.

For example, suppose a job candidate is a former drug addict. Or suppose he or she was fired by a former employer after being caught stealing supplies. Hiring the person exposes your company to risk.

This is the reason many HR departments conduct background checks on potential hires. Doing so offers provides a measure of “insurance.” For thoroughly researched candidates, turn to the services of trusted executive search firms in Milwaukee.

#3 – Hiring Relatives And Friends

When positions become available, many hiring managers extend job offers to their family and friends. If the new hires have the requisite skills and experience, and a temperament that complements the organization’s culture, the decision to do so is a good one. On the other hand, if a relative or friend to whom an offer is made is a poor fit for the position, problems are sure to surface.

Not only might he or she be unable to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, but the individual might cause disruption in the workplace.

#4 – Becoming Enamored With The Jobseeker’s Personality

If a potential hire has an amiable personality, the individual conducting the interview is more likely to have a positive impression about him. They might be more inclined to consider him a valid candidate.

The problem is that a jobseeker’s personality doesn’t provide insight into his level of experience, expertise, or dependability. Moreover, his personality during the interview may be inconsistent with his nature. After all, he is likely to be on his best behavior in pursuit of an offer.

While an engaging personality is important, it’s an unreliable way to determine if someone is suitable for a position.

#5 – Taking A Haphazard Approach To Hiring Employees

Many companies have a methodical process they use to vet — and eventually hire — executives. That process might include multiple phone interviews, in-person meetings, and background checks. It might also entail group interviews and various tests.

Other companies are far less rigid in their hiring process. They might do little more than conduct an interview over lunch and make a few calls to the candidate’s previous employer.

The risk in taking a lackadaisical approach to hiring is that the employer can easily miss signs that suggest the candidate is a poor fit for the position. Claims of having select skills might be suspect. Claims of years of experience may likewise be dubious. The employer might unwittingly expose his company to problems by hiring the individual.

To be sure, hiring talented executives is a complicated task. The key is to identify whether the person you’re thinking about hiring is right for the position.

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