How to Impress Engineering Recruiters in Milwaukee

Engineering Recruiters in MilwaukeeEvery year the engineering market adds thousands, if not millions of engineering graduates. All of them ready to start their careers. Even with an outstanding track record for success, it may be hard to stand out in a crowd full of young and determined college graduates. It could be that their schooling is better preparing them to take on jobs that are typically reserved for the more experienced or that they are going to be paid less. Either way, you can still impress engineering recruiters and employers by being prepared and demonstrating the value you would bring to the company.

Knowing where to start looking for your next career move can vastly increase your chances of successfully finding the right job for you. According to statistics, 66% of engineering employees seek employment on job boards and sites like Monster or Careerbuilder, while an astonishing 14% of engineering hiring managers look for talent on those sites. So, being prepared and having an excellent track record of performance can only take you so far if you are looking for engineering jobs in only these places.

Your Resume

This is most likely the first impression you will make on a potential employer or recruiter, so you want to be sure your resume is polished and up to date. Make sure you include references/referrals and have an area reserved for career accomplishments to help spark curiosity that will leave the recruiters or hiring managers wanting to know more. Be sure your resume includes skills or points of interest that will grab the attention of potential employees. This can be done by tailoring your resume to align with the company’s values. You can learn about this by researching the company itself and be sure to research their competitors as well to help you devise your strategies.


One of the most likely ways to land the interview with your next potential employer is through employee referrals and why not? The people that have worked with you throughout the years are going to know you best from an observational standpoint. Many engineering projects are just that and people have a tendency to want to work with people who establish their reliability and consistency, so those referrals are going to do wonders in your pursuit of your next career move.


Researching the company or the recruiting firm can help give you a good idea of their expectations and how they are currently performing. Searching for company reviews, especially from former and current employees of the company or recruiting firm can help you get a better understanding of the company or firm’s culture. This knowledge will help you when updating your resume and will assist you in determining if this company is truly one you want to work at for years to come.

You should also look for client testimonials on the recruiter or employer’s website. The recruiting site should have testimonials from both employers and employees. This is a good indication that the recruiting firm is doing what they claim and providing a beneficial service. It will also give you a glimpse into how vast their network is. A recruiting firm with a larger network is probably going to be more likely to find a perfect match between employers and employees.

The Lawler Group: Engineering Recruiters in Milwaukee

Finding the right job for you can be a trying endeavor, so being prepared with an up to date resume and doing your own research can go a long way. Getting assistance from a recruiter can also prove to be beneficial due to their established relationship with employers. Be sure to utilize all options and tools you have to increase your chances of impressing your recruiters or potential employers.

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