6 Ways You Know You’ve Found Great Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee

Finding a great engineering recruiter in Milwaukee can open doors and enable you to more quickly meet your career goals. If you are currently working with a recruiter, be sure they meet these six criteria, so you’ll know you’re in very capable hands!

  1. Open Communication

Communication is the most important element of the relationship between a recruiter and candidate and establishes a trusting relationship. You should always feel like written communication is personalized, never copied and pasted from a script, and your recruiter should never sound automated when they leave you a voicemail or when you talk on the phone. When engineering recruiters in Milwaukee make contact with you, they should be able to tell you why they picked you instead of others. You should never feel like you have to chase down your recruiter for updates, or like they are withholding information from you.

  1. Honesty And Transparency

You’ll know you’ve found great engineering recruiters in Milwaukee because they will be completely honest with you about the company and position you’re being considered for, as well as how good of a match you would be for that job. If, after talking with you and getting to know you, they do not feel you would be a good fit, they should be honest and tell you right away. They should be respectful of the time and energy you are giving during the job-hunting process and not fill you with false hopes or expectations.

  1. Knowledge Of The Company And The Role

Your recruiter should be knowledgeable of detailed information about the hiring company and position they are helping to fill. They should be willing to answer all of your questions, no matter how detailed, including those about the opportunities for growth with your new company. They should never make up answers or brush off concerns you may have, if they don’t know the information.

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  1. Candidates Are Engaged And Feel Valuable

Great engineering recruiters in Milwaukee strive to make your experience positive and fulfilling, even if you are not selected for the job. They know they are the ones making the all-important first impression and should be welcoming, supportive, and helpful, but never lose their professional demeanor. You as the candidate should always feel valuable and never like you’re just a number or that they don’t care if you get the position or not. Your recruiter should never make you feel like you’re a “back up” candidate, because this will make you feel self-conscious and devalued.

  1. They Know And Advocate For Candidates

You will know you’re dealing with good recruiters when you can tell they have detailed knowledge of your resume and have planned their questions ahead of your calls. You’ll be asked in-depth questions that don’t have simple answers so they can get to know more about you and begin conversations that leave you both feeling like you’ve been productive. As your advocate, a recruiter will be able to help you during both the interview and hiring process and should act as a go between for you and the company so both parties come away from negotiations feeling like they’ve won.

  1. Polite And Respectful

Respect should not be expected to come from the candidate alone. Great engineering recruiters in Milwaukee will be appreciative of your time and never make you feel like you’re bothering them. They should never make you feel like they are holding the job hostage or that you owe them special favors for the work they are doing for you.

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