Milwaukee Wi engineering recruitersWhenever there is a lack of people with the credentials to fill certain types of jobs, those with the proper skills, education, and experience find themselves with an abundance of opportunities. The law of supply and demand works in the job market too, so the right candidates benefit from scarcity. At this time, those with skills in STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics have opportunities that the engineering recruiters in Milwaukee at the Lawler Group can help you discover.


Employers Need Engineers And Other Technical Personnel Now


Amidst constant debate as to whether the U.S. educational system is turning out enough technical graduates, many companies that require employees with strong math and science backgrounds often complain about how hard it is to find people. This was confirmed recently in a study done by The Brookings Memorial Policy Program, based on data from over 100 American cities.


Companies and organizations such as hospitals have to advertise technical openings much longer than ones in other fields. In Kansas City, one location included in the research group, corporations that hire large numbers of engineers reported that job openings for technical positions remained on their website for 4 to 6 weeks, while a hospital recruitment manager lamented that “It’s never easy to find qualified people for specialized STEM positions. These jobs have a tendency to take up to 12 weeks to fill, if not a year.” The search becomes even longer when final candidates, who may have several intriguing job offers on their plates, turn down the positions at the last minute.


The Employer’s Dilemma With Technical Hires


Even when organizations have technical people on staff, these employees are frequently contacted by engineering recruiters who want to present other opportunities to them. This situation keeps companies always on the lookout for new hires, as current team members may eventually move on to other jobs.


The stereotype is true that workers who are not U.S. citizens often fill engineering and technical jobs here. They may work on H1-B visas that are temporary. Some of these people return home, leave for other jobs, or stay in place long enough to get their green card that assures permanent residency before moving on. While foreign workers fill an important gap, many companies, especially those with government contracts who prohibit H1-B labor, would prefer the more stable, more economical route of hiring citizens.


Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee Can Place You Now


The facts about the shortage of engineers and other employment candidates with technical backgrounds offer clear marching orders to those who want to work in these fields. Work with engineering recruiters in Milwaukee to get a bird’s eye view of local positions, as well as ones based around the country. Whereas specific employers in your local area might not have current openings, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue if you use professional resources available to you to find them.


If you have sought after skills in science, technical areas, engineering, or math, the engineering recruiters at the Lawler Group, a top recruiting firm in Milwaukee, can find you the perfect place of employment. Just make contact today to put yourself on an engineering fast track for the job of your dreams.