Engineering Recruiters Can Help You Find The Best Placement

When you have invested your time and money into turning your facility for math and science into an engineering degree, you want to see your investment pay off in a job that utilizes your skills. Although you are fortunate to be in a field where your skills are in demand, locating just the right opportunity can be challenging enough that you look to engineering recruiters to find you the right placement.

Engineering recruiters MilwaukeeFind Plentiful Opportunities In STEM Jobs

As with all professions, you may find yourself knowledgeable enough to accept many entry-level positions. As you settle into a specialty, in a particular industry, you make yourself attractive to companies who want professionals experienced in particular industrial niches. For advanced opportunities, recruiting firms are the way to go if you want to capitalize on your skills and find a position that will offer you the best package of compensation and advancement. Unlike in other fields, in which there may be an excess of talent for a limited number of jobs, there is a shortage of people trained for STEM jobs in science, technology, engineering, or math.

The Dearth Of Technical Candidates

According to a study done at the Brookings Memorial Policy Program, job openings in these fields linger on employer webpages far longer than less technical openings. As Cynthia Smith, recruitment manager at the University of Kansas Hospital noted, “It’s never easy to find qualified people for specialized STEM positions. Those jobs have a tendency to take up to 12 weeks to fill, if not a year.” What’s worse, she continues, these openings tend to be advertised multiple times as the top choices for very specialized positions turn them down.

The study made some other interesting observations:

  • Data from Kansas City, among the 100 U.S. metropolitan areas researched for the study, suggests that it takes days or weeks longer to fill STEM jobs than non-stem openings for entry-level positions up to those requiring a doctorate. Major manufacturers such as Honeywell, Ericsson, Black & Veatch, and Burns & McDonnell reported an average job posting duration of 44-52 days and feel that they are at constant risk of losing current talent to recruiters who call.
  • Some companies attempt to fill the STEM talent gap by hiring foreign workers here on H-1B visas. This may yield workers who are only temporary or involve companies in the expensive process of helping the worker obtain a green card for permanent residency. Some firms with government contracts are unable to hire H-1B workers.

Engineering Recruiters Hold The Key To A Good Placement

The problem of finding qualified engineers and other technical personnel is not limited to one geographic location or industry. Many companies now require personnel with high levels of computer engineering expertise. Other studies have confirmed that more than 75% of the fastest-growing occupations require extensive math and science training, which leads to more competition among companies to find good help.

For job applicants with STEM training, the current state of affairs is good news and means that job opportunities are plentiful. The data also underscores the fact that if you have the qualifications to fill technical jobs, marketing yourself through engineering recruiters is a smart move. Recruiting firms have contacts in all types of companies and are at a good vantage point for seeing where the most lucrative opportunities lie.


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