Choose An Engineering Job Agency Who Understands Your Specialty

Engineering is a huge and highly technical field, full of countless specialties and subspecialties. Recruiting and placing engineers is not a job for a generalist recruiter. If you’re looking for a new engineering job, you need to know that the recruiter you choose to represent you understands not only what, exactly, your specialty involves, but what types of industries and companies would use your specific skill set. More importantly, you want to work with an engineering recruiter who has already earned the respect of the hiring managers in those companies. Choose the right recruiter and you’ll find better opportunities more quickly, and you’ll begin a relationship that can benefit you for years to come.

  • Get Technical – When you first speak to a recruiter, you can get a sense of their understanding of your specific field by getting a little technical in your conversation. You may not be speaking to a fellow engineer, but an engineering recruiter should at least be conversant on relevant industries, major concepts, and buzzwords. If you’re a process controls engineer and the recruiter you’re speaking to seems puzzled when you mention Modbus, you know this is someone who doesn’t deal with process controls very much. If your recruiter is familiar with your specialty and understands what your skills and knowledge can be applied toward, that recruiter is going to do a more effective job of marketing you to the right hiring managers.
  • Engineering Job AgencyBe Clear – Most engineering specialties can work in a variety of industries, so it’s important that you are as clear as possible when you speak to an engineering job agency; if you know you want – or don’t want — to work in a specific industry, be up front with those preferences. It can be tempting when you’re searching for a new position to keep as many avenues open as possible, but if you’re not up-front about what you really want, your job search will likely suffer.
  • Long-Term Relationship – A solid working relationship with a specialized engineering recruiter can benefit you throughout your entire career. If, in future, you need to look for another position, or want to change industries, your recruiter will have a better feel for where you’ll fit, and will be able to make a more compelling presentation of your qualifications directly to the decision-makers for your best-fit positions.

The Lawler Group Understands Engineering

Whether you design automation controls systems for manufacturing or sewage treatment plants, petroleum refineries or food processing plants, the recruiters at The Lawler Group have the experience and knowledge to understand what you do, and the contacts and resources to put your resume on the desks of the hiring managers in the best companies in your field.