Don’t Reject Candidates From Executive Recruiters Based On Myths

Finding the proper talent for your business can be labor-intensive, especially if you want to survey a wide range of available talent. Executive recruiters scan their databases for candidates with the technical and managerial skills you need and present them for your consideration. If you find some you like, your internal staff usually takes it from there to do preliminary HR interviewing and ultimately more discussions with the hiring managers. It often happens that companies reject candidates who appear to be a good match because they make certain assumptions that do not always Executive recruitersprove true. Clinging to myths about the hiring process, they sometimes overlook promising potential hires presented by their executive recruiters.

Myths To Question

  • If you interview enough people, you will find the perfect candidate. There is a reason that perfect candidates are called “purple squirrels” in the trade – if they exist, they are pretty rare. Often, candidates who present themselves would deliver great results for your company if you would be willing to cast aside the belief that you need to interview dozens of people.
  • Success transfers between companies. A track record of success at a previous company might indicate that candidates will make a good contribution at your company, but you do not know the exact circumstances in play with the former employer. Past success is not a perfect predictor of success at your company.
  • Great interviewees make great hires. If you have a candidate with great credentials who doesn’t interview well, you could be passing up talent you can use. The reverse is true too. A slick interviewee can lead you to making a bad hire.
  • Good interviewing will make the cream rise to the top among people you interview. While good questions are important, not all interviewers know how to ask ones that are pertinent to the job at hand or may ignore candidates’ body language when they offer an answer.
  • A degree is necessary for an executive position. While academic credentials are essential in some roles, some people with potential may have developed the technical, interpersonal, and business skills you need without having acquired extensive degrees.
  • Testing is the answer to perfect hires. You can glean useful information about a candidate from personality and aptitude tests, but some applicants who are out-of-the-box thinkers may not do well on the multiple-choice tests that often comprise employment testing. Relying too much on tests can eliminate great potential hires, so be sure that testing is relevant to the position.
  • Testing is more trouble than it’s worth. In our litigious society, some disgruntled jobseekers have sued employers over employment tests, but as long as you administer them fairly, they can offer useful information.

Don’t Reject Candidates From Executive Recruiters Out Of Hand

As part of an internal HR department or hiring team, you want to hire the best of the candidates presented to you. After all, hiring and acclimating staff is costly and you don’t want to make a mistake. However, you are making a mistake by rejecting many of the potential hires that your executive recruiters present to you. The search firm has done their best to prequalify those with the skills and the intangible qualities that will make them a good fit for your company.


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