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As companies fight over technical graduates, those with bachelor’s degrees and higher in the humanities are the wallflowers of the job dance. If you are an English or history major without a second major in math, engineering, or science, how do you get interviews and ultimately jobs? Can executive search firms in Milwaukee help you?


What Are The Prospects For A Humanities Graduate?


Before you acquired your education, you might have thought you would land a job in academia or research, traditional jobs that, perhaps, were not particularly lucrative. Had you realized the likelihood of getting one of these jobs, you might have chosen a field more in demand. Perhaps you might have researched career paths that were more in demand and geared your studies toward the closest fit.


If you find yourself as an unemployed humanities major at the graduate level, you may be wondering if there are there many job prospects. The answer is “yes.” With this background, you may have insights, interpersonal skills, ways of thinking, and a worldview that is different from many technical graduates. More and more, large companies are seeing the virtue of hiring employees with diverse backgrounds.


Humanities Majors Think Differently


A case in point is a Stanford University graduate with a diverse major in Symbolic Systems, which blends cognitive psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science who was snapped up for a top job at Google. The position required some computer science skills, but the key appeal of this candidate was a varied background that would help her understand the psychology of users who would utilize a particular interface.


As Google’s Vice President for Consumer Products, Marissa Mayer pointed out in a recent BiblioTech conference, this one hiring was not a random incident. Google and many other high-tech companies are finding that the passion, drive, and creative thinking of humanities majors are an asset in many positions. In startup companies, humanities graduates can offer an understanding of other cultures and ways to interrelate with people.


Preparing To Get Hired As A Humanities Major


Persuading an employer to hire you if you have a background in humanities rather than business or technology can still be a challenge, as many companies have not seen the light on the value of humanities degrees. However, there are ways to make yourself more marketable.


  • One way is to take some classes in a marketable field that will give you an edge, as the Stanford graduate mentioned. While classes in a technical field might open the most doors, even education in technical and business writing or communications can shape you in a way that appeals to potential employers.


  • Another method is to pursue internships in a field you like that offer real life experience in the business world. If you are out of school, you can get into a field you like by accepting an entry-level job that gives you knowledge of the field. As you move up, you may be able to use more of your academic background.


When Executive Search Firms In Milwaukee Can Help You


Many executive search firms in Milwaukee recruit only for higher-level jobs, but can help you access middle-management and upper-level jobs once you have some experience. (Some firms do handle fresh graduates, so be sure to ask.) To make yourself an attractive candidate to these firms, who are always in search of top talent for their clients, ensure that your resume showcases your exclusive skills.


Among the leading executive search firms in Milwaukee, the Lawler Group has over 40 years of experience in the field and is always in search of potential candidates with diverse backgrounds. Review our resume tips or contact us for more information.