Unique Advantages For Writing Your Resume When Working With Executive Search Companies

When it comes to writing resumes, there are a lot of different opinions as to what is the “right way” to write a resume, what information should be included, and how it should be formatted. When you’re working with a recruiter at an executive search company, you’ve got the opportunity to take hold of a big advantage in preparing your resume. Your recruiter makes his or her living by bringing their client companies the candidates who are a good fit for both the position and the company’s environment. It’s in the recruiter’s best interest to coach you in preparing the resume that bests showcases your experience and skills, and addresses both the stated requirements of the position you’re applying for and those that are not spelled out in a job description. If your recruiter is asking you to make a new version of your resume for a position they’re working to fill, take full advantage of all the information they’re offering you; under other circumstances, you’d be left guessing what to include in your resume and how best to state it. Give your recruiter the tool they need to market you effectively to a company they know well, and you’ve got the best chance of making a solid connection with that company.

Executive Search CompaniesIf you’re in process of updating your resume, or you’re beginning a job search and making preparations, you can do yourself a big favor by creating a “slush pile” of resume bullet points in a separate document. This will include a lot more information than you’d ever want to include in a single resume, but it spells out your experience and achievements in a number of different ways, so when you need to tailor a resume to apply for a specific position, you can choose the set of bullet points that best address that position’s requirements. Once you’ve got a good set of bullet points written, it will be a much quicker and less painful task to create a resume that shows a prospective employer that you are just the person they’re looking for!

Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible, and choose verbs that clearly demonstrate you took an active role in whatever you’re highlighting. Don’t say you “increased sales” if you can honestly say you “increased sales by 24% over 6 months.” Likewise, you point out that you took an active role by saying you “recruited and developed” a team who made this (quantified) accomplishment, instead of just saying you “managed a team.” Another important consideration is stating the strongest case that is truthful. Obviously, you can’t just make up numbers for things, but if, in your last position, you once managed a team of 50 people, even though you may later have only managed 15, it is truthful to say you supervised “teams of up to 50 people.”

When you’re working with a recruiter, take full advantage of the inside perspective they offer you when they are asking you to re-work a resume for a given position. What they’re really asking you to do is give them the right tool for the job of presenting you to their client as the ideal candidate for the job, and they’re telling you exactly how to build that tool.