If you’re looking for high-level management jobs, trends that affect executive recruiters offer some insights that can help shape your job search. Finding just the right job can sometimes take some time, but factors at play in the marketplace can benefit you if you are looking to make a job change. Whether you turn to executive recruiters in Milwaukee such as Lawler Group or whether you go it yourself, knowing the trends can help you land a new position. Your job is to make yourself ready to jump

on them.

Trends That Can Help Your Job Search

  1. Competition is hot for top talent. As the economy came back to life in 2014, many companies realized the need to hire high-performing managers. As such, many candidates find themselves in demand, as employers or their executive recruiters in Milwaukee go after currently employed professionals and other well-poised candidates. If you have an attractive background, you could benefit from this flurry of activity.
  1. Current hiring practices include a renewed emphasis on employee referrals, often generated by social media. According to current statistics noted by HR thought

    leading search recruitment trends

    leader John Sullivan, 50% of all hires come from this avenue. Employees become “24/7 talent scouts” who mention job openings on social media to friends, college alumni, and other groups on social media. Employers have found that these referral postings produce high-performing candidates more quickly. What’s better, there are high retention rates for these potential hires. The lesson for you as a job seeker? Get active on social media in your college alumni groups, professional groups, and other networks you belong to.

  1. Since many companies have their eyes set on “boomerangs,” great former employees, think about whether you might be willing to go back to a former job, possibly with a new title. Especially if you left for a better opportunity, your previous employer might be willing to pay for their mistake of losing you with a generous offer. To be ready if they contact you, keep yourself updated about how past companies are doing. Make inquiries from among your former coworkers for business news and information about open positions. Sullivan asserts that 15% of new hires might be boomerang rehires.
  1. Social media can help your job search in additional ways. Some companies are looking to online profiles, especially on LinkedIn, as a sort of resume. Whether you are actively looking for a position or just want to be ready if something attractive comes along, make sure that your social media profiles are up to date. Some potential employers or recruiters might regard your LinkedIn profile as a preliminary resume that offers detailed information about your career. While you might post not detailed information about your job on Facebook or Twitter, keep your pages there looking more professional as employers often to these for additional insight into your background.
  1. Using big data can be controversial, but the recruiting profession is starting to use it to identify those who might be interested in a new job, even if they are currently employed. If you are even thinking you might like to change jobs, make sure your resume is current and ready to be sent off to a recruiter. You might receive an unexpected call. Since companies want to move fast these days, you can seize opportunities if you can send your resume now to executive recruiters who will reach out without delay.


Contacting Executive Recruiters In Milwaukee Can Put You Ahead Of The Trends

Being ready to seize a new job opportunity is a definite advantage in the current job market. As a mover and shaker in your industry, you can do more than wait to be noticed. Putting yourself in touch with the executive recruiters at the Lawler Group is a more proactive way to position yourself for great opportunities. Contact us today to get started.