12 Social Media Dos And Don’ts When You’ve Been Approached By Headhunters In Milwaukee

When headhunters in Milwaukee are considering you for positions, it is important to remember that your online presence will be examined and used to help make hiring decisions. Following these do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media can help you secure the job of your dreams.

Here Are The “Dos”:

  1. DO keep your personal social media profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, set to private so only those who are your friends or approved followers can see what’s going on with your kids and get a glimpse at those pictures from your last vacation.
  1. DO carefully choose your profile pictures and remember that, no matter how private your accounts; profile pictures are always available for the world to see.
  1. DO upload any whitepapers or other publications you wrote or coauthored to your LinkedIn profile. This shows that you’re a competitive candidate. Share them on the timeline occasionally, not every day.
  1. DO join groups relevant to your industry and line of work. Recruiters post jobs in these groups. This lets you know what’s available in the market and who to contact and/or where to apply if you’re interested.
  1. DO have a summary on your LinkedIn account highlighting the “value added” skills that can make an impact on any company related to your industry and primary skill sets. Just be sure the summary is not so specific that you pigeonhole yourself. You shouldn’t make it seem like your skill sets are so specialized that they can’t transition into a new challenging role.
  1. DO write in a manner that expresses confidence, professionalism, competency, and success. Don’t create a profile that makes it seem like you hung the moon. You didn’t.
  1. DO highlight a few key achievements and responsibilities for each position you have listed in your LinkedIn profile. Your entire resume does not belong on any networking site.

Here Are The “Don’ts”:

  1. DON’T lie. Lying is just bad. Even white lies and embellishments can come back to bite you. Headhunters in Milwaukee have extensive networks. They will find out if you’re not telling the truth. Plus, why would you want to waste their time falsely representing yourself just to interview for a position you’re not qualified for?
  1. DON’T try to connect with every single person from the HR headhunters in milwaukeedepartment of the company you’re trying to work for. It’s okay to connect with one or two people in HR from a company you’re interested in, or to connect with people in your field to establish a network, but not dozens of people you’ve never met and have no logical connection to.
  1. DON’T write a recommendation for someone you don’t know just because you’re interested in their company. This does NOT get you brownie points.
  1. DON’T indicate your political views on social media when job seeking, unless you’re in politics and want a job in a specific party, but even then, keep it classy and tasteful when you’re online.
  1. DON’T share or retweet everything a company posts just because you’re interested in working there. The people monitoring social media are not likely to be the same ones doing the hiring, so it doesn’t make the impact that you think.

These are only a few of the Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when headhunters in Milwaukee are considering you. Always keep in mind that your online image will likely be viewed long before you have a chance to get a face-to-face meeting, and it can do a lot of damage. But if you’re ready for a fresh start, contact the Lawler Group today!