Avoid Common Mistakes While Working With A Headhunter In Milwaukee

Working with a headhunter is often a great idea if you are considering a career move. Their ability to leverage contacts in various industries, knowledge of trends in the market and access to companies is an advantage that can benefit you greatly. However, the relationship between the job seeker and recruiter can sometimes encounter some bumps because of common, easily avoidable mistakes.

Don’t Withhold Important Information

Always be honest and open with the headhunter. If something is relevant to the next job the recruiter may be presenting you for, you need to make them aware of it. If you have specific salary requirements, they need to know this before they do the work of presenting you to a company. Not only does the recruiter’s time get wasted, but so does the hiring manager’s. Do you have specific personal commitments that make you unable to travel or perhaps a family obligation that prevents you from working during certain times? These are things that the recruiter should know going into a presentation, he or she should not find out in the middle of salary negotiations. Additionally, bringing up new things up that are deal breakers at the last minute can give a negative impression to the employer and make them reconsider their choice.

Be Friendly, But Professional

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Being friendly is an admirable trait and we normally want to be liked by others, but remember to keep the relationship with your recruiter on a professional level. Find out the recruiter’s preferred method of contact, email or phone and then use it only when there is a reason to use it. Calling every day “just to check in” won’t speed the process and can cause an unnecessary strain on the relationship. Respect their time in the same way you would want your time respected. A brief contact every two to three weeks is probably sufficient in most cases. As a corollary, be sure to return calls and emails from the headhunter in a timely manner.

Know What You Are Good At

The recruiter is not a career counselor. It is up to you to know what you want, what your strengths are and then communicate them, so that the recruiter knows what they have to work with. Similarly, while a headhunter may help you tweak your resume to fit a particular employer, they are usually not in a position to rewrite it and edit it for you. If that’s an area you struggle with, consider hiring a professional to help, but do not expect the recruiter to fill that role. They may, however, be able to recommend some firms that can provide the expert resume assistance you need.

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