Once you take the plunge and start a dialogue with an executive recruiter in Milwaukee, use these tips to help you maximize time and get the best results, from the first call until you land your job.

Your Time Is Valuable, But So Is Your Recruiter’s Time

tips and advice working with recruiters

You’re actively searching for a new job and you’re open to taking that recruiter’s call, but you want to maximize your time so the recruiter will know which client gets your information. You also want to make sure your professional relationship is fruitful and long lasting. Here are some foolproof ways to make your time with your recruiter more worthwhile.

  1. Your Lawler Group recruiter isn’t the only one who should ask questions, you should, too! Ask about the recruiting firm he or she represents and ask about his or her experience in the industry. Do your own research on your recruiter and his or her firm to find out if you’re a good match. Don’t let the recruiter do all of that work his or herself. Also ask yourself if the recruiter is a good listener? Are they working in your best interest or are they in it for the “thrill of the hire?”
  1. If you’re working with an executive recruiter in Milwaukee, do not contact the employer directly. By not going over their head, you’re showing your recruiter that you trust them to see you through the interview and hiring process.
  1. Don’t renege on your commitment to being a candidate. You trust your recruiter to see you through this process, show him or her that same trust by following through. Remember, their reputation is on the line here, and they chose you to represent their reputation. It’s a good idea not to let them down, especially if you’ll be using their firm again.
  1. You need to trust your recruiter. They have insights into the industry and their client that you don’t know, and networking with your recruiter can be fruitful for years to come, especially if you plan to ever change jobs.
  1. Discuss what compensation package you want, but let your recruiter do the negotiating. Recruiters know how to deal with employers, so they can get the best compensation packages. Let your recruiter do their job, and you’re more likely to get the offer you want.
  1. Be gracious at every step of the process. And, as nice and necessary as they are, don’t limit your gratitude to good old fashioned “pleases” and “thank yous” either; like your recruiter on Facebook, favorite them on twitter and give a good recommendation on LinkedIn. Make sure to thank your recruiter at the end of the process.
  1. Even if you landed a job, take your recruiter’s call. You never know when you’ll have to work with a recruiter again and you want to keep those lines of communication open!
  1. Pay it forward to your executive recruiter in Milwaukee by sending new possible candidates their way. It always helps to give back and it strengthens the professional relationship you two have.

It Doesn’t End Here!

These are just a few ways that you can best take advantage of your professional relationship with your recruiter. Remember that your relationship with your recruiter is like any other, it’s a game of give and take. So the more you give, the more you’ll get, which means years of profitable jobs resources for you!

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