You may not have considered enlisting the help of a headhunter in your job search, but there are several reasons you should. These professionals have many resources at their disposal that can help you land your dream job and do it quicker than you could on your own. Here, The Lawler Group has compiled six benefits of working with a headhunter in your next job search.

1.  Low Cost Expertise.

Since the company that ends up hiring you pays the headhunter’s fees, you have little to no out of pocket expenses when you work with a professional recruiter. Recruiters typically get paid a percentage of your first year’s salary and not until after you’ve been placed. This means they’ll try their hardest to get you into a new position as soon as possible. As you go through the process you’ll gain valuable insight about how companies are hiring these days and perhaps even pick up some resume or interview tips from the recruiter along the way.

Keep in mind, however, that the recruiter is working for the company that is hiring, not directly for you. Don’t expect daily updates on your search. Just trust that the recruiter is working to find the best fit for everyone involved.


2.  Get Help With The Job Hunt.

You won’t get off the hook entirely, but a headhunter can be a big help in searching for and finding jobs for which you are qualified. One of the biggest benefits of working with a headhunter is their professional network. This network keeps them informed when new jobs open up or even if a company is thinking about hiring but hasn’t posted the job yet. A well-respected recruiter may even have access to unpublished jobs that you’d never find on your own. Let the recruiter work his or her network while you keep up your own end of the job search and you’ll maximize your search. Furthermore, like any other profession, recruiters have colleagues in other agencies. They may pass your name on to other recruiters who are more likely to have suitable positions for you.


3. Receive Advice And Support From A Professional Headhunter.

Headhunters look for jobs every day. As a result, they have a lot of experience and insights that can be useful to you in your own job search. They can help you hone interview skills and give you insight into what employers want in a candidate.


4. The Headhunter’s Connections.

Headhunters have plenty of business connections. They know hiring managers by name and can get you in the door with a phone call. This gives you a huge advantage over someone walking in off the street. The hiring manager is likely to pay special attention to anyone who comes with the recommendation of the recruiter because they know that person has already passed the recruiter’s screening process and is considered qualified for the job. The headhunter may even talk you up to the manager ahead of time, making you stand out even more.


5. Increased Earnings.

Recruiters know the going rate for the jobs you’re interested in. They also may know just how high an employer is willing to go to make the right hire. This can work to your benefit, especially if you ask the recruiter for help negotiating a salary. A headhunter may understand your value more than you do yourself and can negotiate a higher salary for you.


6. Confidential Searches.

Keeping your search confidential is important to many job-seekers. The last thing they want is to have their employer stumble across their resume or to get a phone call for an interview while they’re at work. A recruiter can handle all of the resume submission and field those phone calls so the only person you’re dealing with directly is the headhunter.


If you’re thinking about working with a headhunter or want more information about how a headhunter can help you in your job search, give us a call at 262-241-1600. The recruiters at The Lawler Group work with candidates and employers to find the best match for everyone involved.