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The job market has become extremely competitive. The bar is set higher today for job candidates than it was 10 years ago. More people in the work force today have education or experience that qualifies them for leadership positions in companies across the country. This is why many growth-oriented companies choose to partner with the Lawler Group, a firm of professional recruiters in Milwaukee, in order to find employees that are the right fit. Below, the Lawler Group shares some insight about what recruiters look for in job candidates.


#1 – Experience

Experience is one of the first things recruiters in Milwaukee look for in job candidates. Obviously, most employers prefer hiring candidates with experience versus candidates with no experience. Some companies even value quality experience over education, not to say that education is not also an important qualification. Obviously, we all have to start somewhere. If you lack experience, it would be wise for you to work on sharpening other qualities, such as communication and interpersonal skills.


#2 – References

Not only do recruiters look for experienced job candidates, but they also look for individuals with solid references as well. Your past employers are great resources for discovering what kind of employee you were. Knowing this, it is important to leave well when you transition out of a company. Be careful not to burn any bridges; always act professionally. Additionally, make it a point to list credible references on your resume.


#3 – Consistency

Another quality recruiters in Milwaukee look for in candidates is consistency. If you move around from company to company, only working at each place for a short amount of time, recruiters may wonder whether you are committed. When you have worked at previous employers for a longer period of time, it is usually a better reflection on your character. Keep this in mind in terms of your current job. Avoid the temptation to leave when it gets difficult. Try your best to be dependable and consistent, and both current and future employers will take note.


#4 – Confidence

The fourth characteristic recruiters look for in job candidates is confidence. In order for employers to believe that you are right for the job, you must first believe it yourself. It is important to communicate with confidence and carry yourself with poise. Keep in mind that confidence is not the same as arrogance. While confidence is attractive, arrogance is unattractive. Most companies do not want to hire someone who comes off as egotistical, because most of the time these employees will not let anyone teach them anything, and therefore they can’t go very far. Conversely, it is amazing what quiet confidence can do for you.


#5 – Professionalism

Finally, recruiters in Milwaukee are looking for candidates who are professional. This includes everything from the way you speak to the way you dress. It even extends to social media platforms. A good rule of thumb is not to post anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.


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