Do you find yourself at a place where you would like to be in higher management, but your current place of employment doesn’t seem to have any opportunities for promotion? Do you have the desire to progress in your career but feel stuck at the same time? Maybe you have even put your resume out on different job sites, but you have not gotten any response. If that seems to be the case, you might just need to give your resume a makeover!

Does Your Resume Need A Makeover?

Here at the Lawler Group, we understand there are many benefits to living in a digitized society, but that there are downsides as well. One of the downsides is that so much hiring happens over the Internet now, rather than face-to-face. Your resume is literally the first impression you give employers. So, if your resume is inadequate, you are most likely going to be passed over.

The following 5 resume hints from Milwaukee recruiters can help you spice up your resume, and potentially land an interview for a management position you have been seeking.

  1. Include All Of The Necessary Information

As Milwaukee recruiters, one of the first things we look for in a resume is whether or not the individual has included all of the necessary categories of information. Each of the following should be noted on your resume:

  • Level of education and list of degrees and/or certifications
  • Current and previous employment
  • Responsibilities and activities performed in previous employment
  • Computer literacy and related skills
  • Accomplishments and recognition
  • Contact information
  1. Exclude Unnecessary Information Or Irrelevant Information

Keep the information listed on your resume strictly to the list mentioned above. If you have something on your resume that goes beyond the information listed, take it off. Your resume should be clear, concise and no longer than two pages. If you are applying for an administrative position, it is unnecessary to list your previous responsibilities as a cashier. Tailor the information to what is relevant for the specific job you are applying for.

  1. Stay Away From Graphics And Templates

Graphics and templates almost always lack professionalism, and therefore should not be used. The information should be clear and easy to read.

resume interview tips Milwaukee recruiters

  1. Use Unified Formatting Throughout The Entire Resume

As experienced Milwaukee recruiters, we can guarantee that nothing will make an employer toss your resume quicker than sloppy formatting. Only use one font style for your resume, and make sure the font size is consistent throughout. If one heading is in bold font, make every heading bold. The more uniform you can make your resume, the more professional it will appear.

  1. Proof-Read Your Resume Before Submitting It

There is nothing more disheartening and frustrating to Milwaukee recruiters than receiving a resume that has spelling errors, missing words, capitalization errors, and grammar issues. Failing to proof your resume for errors communicates that it wasn’t worth your time fix. That is not the message you want to send to Milwaukee recruiters or potential employers! You want to communicate that you put a lot of effort and thought into your resume, and that you are willing and capable of handling all job requirements.


Beyond these helpful resume hints from our Milwaukee recruiters at the Lawler Group, visit our blog to gain even more useful information to help you progress in your career. Contact us today and speak to one of our Milwaukee recruiters about what else we can do to help you optimize your career!