Five Best Reasons To Work With Industrial Sales Recruiters For Your Job Search

Industrial Sales Recruiters MilwaukeeIf you’re an industrial sales professional, you may have already discovered how hard it can be to gain access to the right people at the companies you most want to work for. Working with industrial sale recruiters, Milwaukee job seekers get a serious head start on finding the best jobs with top employers, and significant advantages in landing those jobs.

  • Access To Jobs You’d Never Find On Your Own – Statistics on the “hidden job market” vary wildly, but even at a conservative estimate, about half of all open jobs are never advertised anywhere. One of the most common ways those “hidden” jobs are filled is through recruiters, because they provide the employer a significant savings. Yes, recruiters charge the company a fee when they successfully place a candidate, but that fee is a value to the employer, when compared to the time they would spend advertising and recruiting on their own. The more attractive the position, the more likely it is to be placed in the hands of a trusted recruiter.
  • A Direct Line To The Decision Makers – When you work with a recruiter, you’re literally getting a personal introduction to the person or people who are going to make the hiring decision. You’re also walking in the door with an endorsement from someone those decision-makers trust, and they will be pre-sold on your skills and abilities. When you go to a job interview through a recruiter, it is, in a very real sense, like going to a second interview, because your recruiter already highlighted your best achievements and traits to get you the interview in the first place.
  • Inside Information – It’s in the recruiter’s best interest to prepare you carefully for your interview, so you can rest assured that they’ll help you understand what your best selling points are, what the company’s pain points are, and how best to present yourself and your skills.
  • Active Marketing – Successful recruiters tend to work with the same companies over years or even decades, and they build trust relationships with those companies. That puts them in a position to call a company where they know you’ll be a good fit and tell them about you, even if they don’t have an outstanding order for a position at that company.
  • Help In Closing The Deal – Because your recruiter gets paid when you get hired, they’re with you throughout the entire process, and if you need help in negotiating an offer, you’ll not only get professional advice, but advice based on their knowledge of that specific company and their practices and policies. Knowing what’s negotiable and what’s not can help you avoid making a deal-breaking counter-offer.

Find Your Perfect Industrial Sales Position

The Lawler Group has been recruiting industrial sales professionals in the Milwaukee market for more than 40 years. Our long-standing relationships with the best employers in our market put us in an excellent position to help you tap the hidden job market to find your perfect position at one of Milwaukee’s top companies. Contact us to learn more about working with our industrial sales recruiters for your job search.