Your Internet presence is a viable way to get a headhunter’s attention. Employment recruiters in Milwaukee may be searching for a position you can fill! Make sure you’re ready for them!


The New Wave of Recruiters Are Online


Just having an online presence isn’t enough; you have to hone your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, because recruiters are watching! Here are 4 ways that you can make your online presence visible to headhunters.

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  1. Create a Specific and Detailed Online Profile

A headhunting assignment will start with the recruiter identifying potential candidates in the market; those who hold the exact skills and experience profile that the business requires will get the call. Think of it as the recruiter’s “wish list”. This could include your qualifications, industries you’ve previously worked in, exposure to different technologies, clients you’ve worked with, the size of your network, etc. Include an accurate picture of yourself, not the most flattering pic from ten years ago. Pay special attention to the headline and make sure your “specialties” section is accurately filled out, as well. You need to make sure that you fit into as many categories on your recruiter’s wish list as possible, so be thorough.

  1. 2. Include Company Profiles For Each Employer

Recruiters will look for candidates who have worked or are working in companies that have a similar environment to their client’s business. Describe each employer in a concise, 2-3 sentence description. Provide a brief at-a-glance overview of the company. Ask questions yourself like: What does the company do? What’s their customer base? Don’t take your experience for granted. This information could get you a call quicker than your competition, so make sure it’s as readily available to recruiters as possible.

  1. Join The Conversation

How do you frame questions in online conversations or blogs? What subjects or phrases get the most hits or requests? What conversations spark your interest? Typically, engaging and relevant information in your field; the same subject matter motivates headhunters to investigate professionals as prospective candidates. Also, be sure to accept offers to speak at industry events and be sure you prepare to be quoted in news publications. You can even publish your own LinkedIn blog or have an active Twitter feed. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field demonstrates to headhunters that you have the experience and expertise they are looking for. Personal branding not a buzz word anymore; rather, it’s a viable strategy.

  1. Pay It Forward

Advocate for junior associates; you know who they are. They’re the beginners that you know will definitely “be someone” in your particular field. Remarkable young employees will always excel at whatever they do. Becoming their mentor will not only expand your network, but it will expand your relationship with your employment recruiters in Milwaukee, too. Finding a great match for your recruiter can build a great relationship with both your young superstar and the recruiters themselves. Also, you never know when either one will be in a position to return the favor.

If you share your contacts with your headhunter, you’ll get access to the inside knowledge headhunters possess and the more you have chosen to “pay it forward” in your career, the more likely you are to be known to them or to be referred to them.


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