3 Great Questions To Ask Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee

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Before a job interview, most people are very focused on preparing great answers to the interviewer’s questions. This is important, of course, but don’t forget that you need to ask some questions of your own. This is your chance to interview the company at the same time they’re interviewing you. After all, you also need to determine whether the company and the job will be a good fit for you. Plus, having questions prepared shows the interviewer that you’re excited about and interested in the position.


A mistake many people make is thinking that they need to ask questions specifically about the job. The truth is that it’s better to ask more general questions. Here are some great ones to consider, whether you’re being interviewed by executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee or by the employers directly.

  1. What Kind Of Skills And Experience Would The Ideal Candidate Have?

It used to be that when a company had a position open, they would run an ad in the newspaper that detailed the skills and experience they were looking for. Nowadays, it’s much more common to find a job through networking or referrals, so in many instances you might not know exactly what they need. This applies to executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee as well. Once you know what skill sets they’re looking for, you’ll know whether you are an appropriate candidate.

  1. How Long Has The Position Been Open, And Why?

The answer to this question will tell you a lot about the company. If there’s been a lot of turnover in this particular position, that could indicate an unpleasant work environment. If the job has been open for months, perhaps the company is terrible at making decisions or maybe the position isn’t really that necessary. Also, if you’re about to take a job that’s been vacant for an extended period of time, you could be walking into a big mess. On the other hand, maybe the position has only been open for a week and the previous employee was with the company for fifteen years. No matter what the answer is, it will give you great insight into the job. This is a great question to ask at executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee as well. They’ll know exactly what the situation is and help you decide whether you want to take it on.

  1. What Type Of Personality Is Successful Here?

The culture at any given company is important to know before you take a job there. If the organization is casual and laid-back but you prefer a more formal and professional environment, clearly it’s not going to be a good fit (and vice-versa). Executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee will have spoken extensively with the company to find out exactly what they’re looking for, so they’ll be able to fill you in on the corporate culture.

Interview Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee While They’re Interviewing You

At this point in your career, you shouldn’t take the first job that comes along just because it’s available. Take your time and make sure you’re taking a position that you’ll be good at and happy with. Of course you want to impress your interviewer, but don’t forget that they need to impress you too. Have a few questions ready to ask so that you can be sure the job will be right for you.

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